Sunday, July 13, 2008

We went for a little Hike with Brians family to the narrows in S. G. So heres our little family with the S. G. valley behind us.

Heres Taye and Kai hikeing through the Narrows in St. George,

Luke and Brian, we went to texas for my family reunion and had a fantastic time boating, visiting, going to the Zoo, six flags, and so much more. Thanks mom and dad.

Brian ahd I takeing the grandkids out boating and tubeing. We had such a fun time with my parents new boat and being able to look out her front window and see if the water is glass and wakeboarding was just awesome.

Kai Jumping to brian in my moms backyard or I should say front yard since her front door is facing the lake. It's little inlet off of a 27 mile long lake in Texas and it's pretty sweet.

Taye and I in the water at my moms lake.

Heres Kai with the bubble wand at Grandma Roberts house for reunion.

It's not very often I get pictures of Taye in sweet moments like this. So I cherish the ones I do get.

For the fourth of July we went to the Sun Bowl and watched the fireworks right above our heads. It was awesome and the kids had a great time danceing to the music before the fireworks.

Fourth of July fireworks with the kids and their cousins (alex, erica, kai, taye, and ben)