Sunday, November 18, 2007

Luke when he was 2 weeks old i think, I 'll have some more recent photos next time i post there just still in my camera.

New babys, Zach and Luke, They were born a week and a half apart. They are keeping annie and i very busy and tired.

Grandpa and Luke takeing a well needed nap.

Its actually started to feel a little like fall, finally, WE don't have too many trees in our yards but heres are attempt at playing in the leaves one inch deep. Ya hoo.

Happy Halloween, Taye was spiderman and Kai was Dracula. So cute when Kai was looking at himself in the mirror, he was a little freaked out but all in all it was a fun Halloween.

Here is kai who just turned two on the 11th and is our new little terror. It used to be taye who is actually doing better and has passed down to kai . Such fun to see him playing with taye and growing into such a chatter box.

Here is luke at 6 weeks old, He is starting to smile a lot but sometimes not the easiest to catch on camera. He is doing really well and getting such chubby little cheeks. Everyone asks who he looks like taye or Kai and i think he has his own little look.

Here is grandma with her two newest grandsons, Zach, and Luke. This photo was taken awhile back in october.