Sunday, July 13, 2008

We went for a little Hike with Brians family to the narrows in S. G. So heres our little family with the S. G. valley behind us.

Heres Taye and Kai hikeing through the Narrows in St. George,

Luke and Brian, we went to texas for my family reunion and had a fantastic time boating, visiting, going to the Zoo, six flags, and so much more. Thanks mom and dad.

Brian ahd I takeing the grandkids out boating and tubeing. We had such a fun time with my parents new boat and being able to look out her front window and see if the water is glass and wakeboarding was just awesome.

Kai Jumping to brian in my moms backyard or I should say front yard since her front door is facing the lake. It's little inlet off of a 27 mile long lake in Texas and it's pretty sweet.

Taye and I in the water at my moms lake.

Heres Kai with the bubble wand at Grandma Roberts house for reunion.

It's not very often I get pictures of Taye in sweet moments like this. So I cherish the ones I do get.

For the fourth of July we went to the Sun Bowl and watched the fireworks right above our heads. It was awesome and the kids had a great time danceing to the music before the fireworks.

Fourth of July fireworks with the kids and their cousins (alex, erica, kai, taye, and ben)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Taye has just started going to the skatepark, we bought him a skateboard but until he gets better we let him ride his scooter and he does really good. He suprised us and dropped right in the biggest bowl.

Brian,I and Luke took a trip to Vegas with my sister and her Husband Rand and there 8 month old baby, and one more couple. We rented a house abour 20 minutes from the strip and it was so perfect to be away from the other kids and just enjoy our company and lay out and have such a good time being lazy.

Here is annies baby Zack and Luke at the house we rented. We couldn't have asked for them to be any better becasue they were little angels. And could they look any more differant. So Cute!

Rand and Annie, and baby Zack in his carseat watching the water show at the Belagio.

Brian and Luke in the pool at our house we rented. I want to go back!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Luke is now 7 months old and cute as ever. He is sitting up and wanting to crawl but not luck so far. He is so happy and brings so much joy when the other two are driveing me insane.

Me and the three boys took a trip to visit my parents in Texas. They live on a beautiful lake and it's was so nice to have that small time feel. We were there for three weeks and had such a good time. The boys were a pain at times but we dealt with it.

Taye climbing in my moms tree

Kai out in my moms backyard on the swing.

While visiting my parents in Texas we went to The Canton Zoo. It's such a nice zoo we just had a blast and I wish I could post every picture I took.

Heres Taye with some of the pretty flowers they had at the Zoo.

Heres my Mom and Dad with JoJo and the boys. The eating area at the zoo was pretty sweet to look over the Savannah and see all the animals. I little smelly thats alright,

Grandpa finally takeing a break from working to relax with his grandson's. Love you dad.

Yes Gingerbread houses. My mom had a ton of left over stuff so we made Gingerbread houses in April. It was one of last things we did in Texas, besides takeing Taye to six flags where we met up with mark and his family.

Here is Kai and his cousin Kali, We went on a hike to Red Cliffs for our family home evening with John and Kristal's fam. It was a lot of fun and plan to do it again.

Heres Luke, The backpack worked out really good. He got a little fussy but it was worth it.

Heres the two boys on our hike.

Heres the fam at Red Cliffs!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I can't tell you how many photos I have of Kai sleeping with his elle! (elephant) Heres a few newer photos of the family.

Heres the boys jumping on the trampoline. Lucky for us the weather is decent enough to enjoy the ourdoors.

Taye riding his new scooter. Taye and kai both are doing really good on there razor scooter.

Luke is now 4 and half months old and so happy and smiley and laughing out loud.

Taye eating his lunch. He's such a cheezer

My Brown eyed boy!

Kai and his elephant, He loves this stuffed animal.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

the boys playing some x-box in the retro chairs we got from g-ma.

Brian the night of his accident during flag football, the picture doesn't do it justice but you can kinda see his sunken cheek bone and obvious swelling. He had to go into surgery the next day to reconstruct his eye socket and cheekbones which were all crushed and take some cartlidge from his nose and put some titanium plates in his face as well. Awesome! Needless to say he won't be playing flag football again.

This picture is after brians surgery he had on his eye socket and cheek bones. An accident during his flag football game. Our camera got droped so the zoom doesn't work anymore so its hard to get a good picture.

Luke smileing as always, You can just look at him and he shines.

In lukes bed playing

Brian and I before his flag football accident.

Friday, January 11, 2008

taye at kellies wedding (Brians youngest sister)

Our new scooter, which is so awesome for brian to ride to work. It gets 80 miles to the gallon, pretty sweet huh.

Probably the best day snowboarding i've had in a long time. Brianhead can't compete with salt lakes mountains but it sure is enough for me. Im such a pansie when it comes to cold weather.

Santa's little helpers.

Three boys, Luke is doing good at 3 months old, and taye is doing great and kai is so cute and such a stinker

This is the best way to have them sometimes, asleep and not asking a hundred questions or whining or telling me no!

Luke on the left and cousin Ozzy on the right.
Kai at Classic fun center.